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Developing a bilingual web-based fish identification tool for field use in Indonesia

This Small Research Activity will deliver a bilingual web-based tool to improve fish identification and fisheries monitoring. This will benefit Indonesia, but also has a wider South-east Asian application.
ACIAR Project FIS/2009/059 identified a need for a resource to help enumerators to confidently identify fish that are not fresh.
All fishery monitoring programs need to accurately identify fish. Fisheries assessments routinely rely on fish catch data recorded by port-based enumerators and/or on-board observers. Data that is flawed as a result of incorrectly identifying fish species can make assessments unreliable. The tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission believe improving enumerators and observers' fish identification skills is a priority for Indonesia and other countries in their respective jurisdictions. Training workshops in Indonesia revealed that government-employed enumerators and local fisheries staff cannot adequately identify many important pelagic species. The Harvest Strategy development process for Indonesia's tuna fisheries has highlighted the increasing importance of addressing this situation.
This project will include supplementary information, by species, making it useful to other lines of fisheries research.