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Development of rice fish systems in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta, Myanmar

This project aims to improve productivity and profitability of rice-fish systems in Myanmar, with a focus on favourable agro-ecological zones in the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) delta.
Rice and fish are key parts of the diet, and major agricultural production sectors in Myanmar. Rice-fish systems encompass farming and fishing, from traditional capture of fish in rice-dominated landscapes through to controlled farming of fish in rice fields. Rice farming covers approximately 8 million hectares and involves more than 5 million rural households.
Myanmar Governments of the recent past favoured 'command and control'-based policies that discouraged rice farmers from diversifying crops and deciding what to produce based on market demand. These policies constrained crop and land use diversity, and kept farmers in poverty.
Recent policies are encouraging farmers to diversify systems in agriculture, livestock and fisheries, including rice-fish systems. This will reduce poverty, and address under-nutrition and rural development.
The project will benefit small-scale rice farming households, and fishers. It will diversify production in rice-based farming systems and landscapes; make rice-based farming systems more resilient; increase farmers' incomes; improve food and nutrition security; and enhance gender equity.