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Development of timber and non-timber forest products' production and market strategies for improvement of smallholders' livelihoods in Indonesia

Project Code: FST/2012/039
Program: Forestry
Research Program Manager: Dr. Nora Devoe
Project Leader: Aulia Perdana - World Agroforestry Centre
JAN 2013
MAR 2017
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Center for International Forestry Research
Farm Forestry Consortium
Forest Research and Development Agency
Threads of Life: Indonesia Textile Arts Centre
University of Mataram
University of Western Australia
World Wild Fund for Nature - Indonesia


This project aimed to develop and improve integrated timber and non-timber forest production systems in Indonesia, enhance value chains and marketing strategies, improve policy frameworks, and expand integrated timber and non-timber forest production systems.

Planting trees and managing non-timber forest products has been an important part of Indonesian farmers' livelihoods' strategies for a long time.

Smallholders could produce non-timber forest products. Trade volumes are small, but niche markets are likely to grow.

ACIAR is supporting research to develop opportunities for local communities, including developing timber and non-timber forest products silviculture practices, value chains and enterprises, policy framework, and extensions services, to support the informal non-timber forest products sector.