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Developing value chain innovation platforms to improve food security in east and southern Africa

This project aims to develop value-chain Innovation Platforms (IPs) to improve food security by connecting more smallholder farmers with markets.
Innovation Platforms can convene stakeholders to identify solutions to common problems or to achieve common goals. Innovation Platforms consist of a network of organisations, enterprises and individuals that bring new products, processes and forms of organisation into economic use, together with institutions and policies that affect their behavior and performance.
The project works in three contrasting sites to help farmers, especially women and youths, better link to markets through value-chain Innovation Platforms, and earn more for their produce while managing natural resources sustainably.
In Zambia, the project is working with private sector partners in the mining, retail, catering and energy sectors to establish a series of co-investment forums to give smallholder farmers producing Solwezi beans, local chicken and soya beans better access to markets. In Uganda, land care groups focused on natural resource management will help smallholder farmers in coffee, honey and dairy value chains to better access markets and develop businesses.