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Enhancing community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia

This project aims to identify how community-based commercial forestry can increase the incomes of smallholders and benefit to local communities and industries.
Forestry is a vital component of the livelihoods of about 80 million people across Indonesia. Many millions of small-scale farmers (smallholders) also cultivate trees as an integral part of their farming systems. Most smallholders fail to realise the full commercial potential of the forests they manage, or the trees they plant - leading to supplies of poor wood quality to industry. Changing rural economies make it difficult for smallholders to understand the commercial value of forestry compared to other land-uses, so they often under-invest in their forest enterprises. Despite ambitious targets for community-based commercial forestry, results have been mixed, with variable returns and conflict over forested lands.
This project, which builds on two previous ACIAR projects, will focus on land privately owned by smallholders (hutan rakyat, HR) and state-owned land leased to smallholders (hutan tanaman rakyat, HTR), that account for much of community-based commercial forestry across Indonesia