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Mobile Acquired Data phase 3 (MAD 3) - Evaluation of staged adoption and implementation strategy

Project Code: GMCP/2016/042
Research Program Manager: Dr. Peter Horne
Project Leader: Stuart Higgins - Collins Higgins Consulting Group
SEP 2016
SEP 2017
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Agricultural Impact International Pty Ltd


This Small Research and Development Activity aimed to provide and evaluate direct support to the four core projects partnering in MAD 2 to ensure a healthy and sustainable deployment of CommCare, while evaluating the support options and process to guide future projects seeking to address digital data collection apps.

This Activity aimed to understand the costs involved, the resources to be provided, and support options that project leaders and ACIAR would consider should they wish to successfully implement CommCare into projects in the future. This was done via capturing the metadata around CommCare implementation by the four partner projects and the support provided.