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Scoping smallholder beef research priorities - Indonesia

11% of Indonesia's population lives below the poverty line of around US$1.25 per day, and 49% lives on less than US$2.00 per day. Two-thirds of Indonesia's poor work in agriculture, so strengthening agriculture-including crops, livestock, forestry, marine fisheries and aquaculture-is critical for reducing poverty and for equitable development across Indonesia. Livestock, especially cattle, is a way for many rural poor to accumulate capital and work their way out of poverty.
The Australian and Indonesian governments have established a collaborative program, consisting of two projects, to improve the livelihoods of Indonesia's rural poor while increasing the efficiency, productivity and output of Indonesia's beef industry. The two projects are:
1. AH/2015/047: Improving cattle production and quality in rice-based farming systems in Indonesia ('CropCow')and
2. LPS/2015/048:Improving smallholder beef supply and livelihoods through cattle-palm system integration in Indonesia's('PalmCow')
The conceptual frameworks for both projects have been approved. Detailed consultation and engagement is needed through the design process to ensure expectations from both sides align, given the importance of the research collaboration for both countries and the sensitivities around the beef industry.
This Small Research and development Activity will mobilise those consultations, exploring the research issues and opportunities for both projects and for the program as a whole, ensuring they are clearly identified and endorsed.
This Activity will produce full project designs for both projects and an overarching program framework covering program goals, cross cutting issues (especially gender, private sector engagement and capacity building), stakeholder relationship management and communications; and identify high priority early-start research activities. It will do so through consultation with partners and external stakeholders and desk-top reviews of literature.