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Improving the sustainability of cocoa production in eastern Indonesia through integrated pest, disease and soil management in an effective extension and policy environment

Project Code: HORT/2010/011
Program: Horticulture
Research Program Manager: Ms. Irene Kernot
Project Leader: Phil Keane - La Trobe University
APR 2011
JUN 2016
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology
Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology
South Sulawesi
Biotechnology Research Institute for Estate Crops
Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute
Mars Australia
Provincial Agricultural Services (Estates)
PT Mars Symbioscience Indonesia
University of Hassanudin
University of Papua
University of Sydney


This project addressed two interacting issues: the decline in cocoa productivity on smallholdings and the effects of changes in the value chain and regulatory framework. As in two previous ACIAR projects, CP/2000/102 and SMAR/2005/074, the main focus was on the livelihood of smallholder cocoa growers in Sulawesi and West Papua. The project developed previous research partnerships with a focus on productivity, pest and disease management, soil fertility, the development of extension models, and the impact on smallholders of policy settings, market-related frameworks and large-scale cocoa development activities.