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Management of fruit quality and pest infestation on mango and mangosteen to meet technical market access requirements

Mangosteen and mango are two important economic fruit crops for Indonesia with a strong domestic and export demand. But there has been a lack of successful international market penetration for both fruits, which could be attributed to the low percentage of export quality fruit produced. This project aims to improve the international competitiveness of Indonesia's mango and mangosteen industries. Major objectives are: 1. to identify technical and phytosanitary requirements for fresh mango and mangosteen in key markets and analyse appropriate strategies to overcome current technical market access constraints; 2. to improve fruit quality from production to consumption using good agricultural practices; 3. to conduct the necessary phytosanitary disinfestation treatments to selected export markets; 4. to build capacity in the mango and mangosteen industries to conduct integrated and targeted research, development and extension programs.