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Integrated disease management strategies for the productive, profitable and sustainable production of high quality papaya fruit in the southern Philippines and Australia

This project aims to increase the profitable and sustainable production of papaya by reducing the effect of bacterial crown rot disease in Philippines and dieback in Australia.
Papaya is an important and continually expanding crop in the Philippines. It is ranked sixth in terms of area planted and fifth in terms of volume produced. Bacterial crown rot can kill half to all the papaya crop.
The project will characterise the bacterial crown rot organism, and develop and evaluate sustainable management practices for bacterial crown rot and dieback diseases.
The project will develop and disseminate a package of integrated disease management strategies for papaya. This research will improve papaya production in the Philippines, and increase the incomes and improve the livelihoods of smallholder papaya growers. The research will also inform Australian growers about managing dieback and improve capacity to prevent bacterial crown rot from entering and establishing itself in Australia.