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Enterprise-driven transformation of family cocoa production in East Sepik, Madang, New Ireland and Chimbu Provinces of Papua New Guinea

This project aims to make smallholder cocoa enterprises in Papua New Guinea's East Sepik, Madang, New Ireland and Chimbu Provinces more productive and profitable.
Cocoa is a profitable smallholder crop and export trade commodity in Papua New Guinea and drives rural development. 150,000 smallholder farming families grow cocoa, which accounts for 18% of agricultural exports. Old cocoa plantings have become overgrown, resulting in low yields, under-harvesting and heavy losses to pests and diseases, especially Phytophthora Pod Rot (Black Pod).
The Cocoa Pod Borer nearly destroyed cocoa production in Papua New Guinea, always low due to poor management. Only the Papua New Guinea Cocoa Coconut Institute (CCI)'s new varieties and methods, which can increase yields to high levels, could revive the industry.
This project will help the smallholder farmers who make up more than 90% of production widely apply these new varieties and straightforward methods.