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Heifer-calf and fattening strategies - Indonesia

This project will improve capacity of local staff and field researchers to train farmers in Timor-Leste and help them adapt profitable tree legume based cattle production system to their farming practices.
ACIAR research (LPS/2011/004; LPS/2009/036) identified that lack of high quality forages is one of the the main constraints to improving Bali cattle productivity, especially in the dry land of Timor-Leste. The projects showed farmers how to establish and use tree legumes to feed cattle under a cut and carry system. Though few farmers adopted the feeding system, the project established a foundation for wider adoption of a profitable tree legume based feeding system in Timor-Leste's dry areas.
This Small Research Activity will train local staff to undertake systems research; define the requirements to successfully conduct the envisaged beef systems research; test the relative benefits of forage-only v forage x food crop production systems; pilot successful cattle production systems that have variable reliance on public land forage; and help farmers in the dry land areas of Timor-Leste to adopt the tree legume based feeding system