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IndoBeef preparatory program activities

ACIAR is developing two projects to strengthen Indonesia's community-based beef sector and improve the livelihoods of smallholder cattle producers: AH/2015/047 ('Improving cattle production and quality in crop-based farming systems: Crop Cow'); and LPS/2015/048 ('Developing profitable smallholder beef cattle production in association with oil palm plantation systems: Palm Cow').
ACIAR will work with the Indonesian Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (ICARD) to implement these projects.
This Small Research Activity aims to contribute information to the design of Crop Cow and Palm Cow Phase 2 documents; and help the project to start quickly once the projects are approved. Its objectives are:
- To assess the beef cattle sector in the five target provinces and their selected sites, and identify how to improve the productivity and profitability of smallholder cattle producers.
- To assess the cattle health diagnostic, monitoring and surveillance systems and capacity in target provinces.
- To determine criteria and select sites and develop strategies for early scaling out in Nusa Tenggara Barat.
- To develop a data management system.
- To develop a monitoring and evaluation framework and a communications strategy and protocols.
This SRA comprises various pre-implementation activities of the Crop Cow and Palm Cow projects that demonstrate momentum in the IndoBeef program and that help Phase 2 processes. The Crop Cow project may mobilise before the Palm Cow project.