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Overcoming agronomic and mechanisation constraints to development and adoption of conservation agriculture in diversified rice-based cropping in Bangladesh

his project aims to develop and accelerate the adoption of conservation agriculture for selected soils, crops and cropping systems in Bangladesh, especially in rain fed areas and those with supplementary irrigation, so that farmers and households can benefit from cost saving crop production technologies and sustainable resource management.
Bangladesh has to increase food security for its growing population and improve land use sustainability-while boosting farm profitability by decreasing costs of crop production.
The nation-wide spread of two-wheel tractors and the development of versatile multi-crop planters, which can sow many crops, provide a platform for implementing conservation agriculture, which decreases crop production costs and improves the fertility of soils while maintaining or improving yield. Systematic work is now needed on the implications of adopting conservation agriculture in rice-based systems and on accelerating adoption of planters for crop establishment on farms.