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Soil fertility management in the Papua New Guinea highlands for sweet potato based cropping systems

This project aims to improve soil and irrigation water management to sustainably improve vegetable yields and household economies.
Lao PDR and Cambodia are developing countries with low agricultural productivity. Better management of soil and water resources could help smallholder farms to sustainably produce more vegetables. Socio-economic, livelihood experiences and expectations and organisational constraints affect how and whether smallholders adopt technology, while input supplies, finance, labour, information, and professional human capital are often inadequate.
This project will assess the operation and effectiveness of input supply chains; test and demonstrate improved soil management techniques and irrigation scheduling; and help smallholders to adopt improved techniques through understanding smallholder livelihoods and why farmers decide to change their practices. Improved resource and crop management will help farmers produce more vegetables; Lao PDR and Cambodia will no longer have to import these vegetables, which will help their economies to grow.