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Opportunities to improve the sustainable utilisation and management of water and soil resources for profitable farming in south central coastal Vietnam

Around 70% of people in the south central coastal region of Vietnam (SCC VN) earn the majority of their income from agriculture, but poverty levels are high (e.g. over half the rural population in the southern province of Ninh Thuan live on less than $1 per day). This region faces significant challenges to agricultural productivity because of low-fertility sandy soils and seasonal floods and droughts. Vietnam's national water resource strategy identifies the need to reduce the adverse impacts of water shortages in SCC VN. However, specific measures have not yet been identified and there is not a lot of reliable information available to address this need. In addition, the governance of water in Vietnam is complex and there is a recognised need to improve cooperation and communication between water sector stakeholders. This small research activity will review existing information on catchment scale water resources and identify (through in-country consultations) priority issues for managing water, soil and nutrients including capacity-building and coordination needs. Complementary research and development activities for improved soil and water management in NSW and Western Australia will also be identified. The main deliverables will be a report on the review and consultations and a full research project proposal.