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Soil based research needs for restoring peatland in Indonesia

This Small Research Activity will evaluate the multidisciplinary research needed to ensure that peatland restoration in Indonesia is based on a sound scientific understanding of the physics and chemistry of peat soils and accurate mapping of peatland distribution.
Indonesian peatlands comprise a globally significant carbon store and their degraded condition is causing internationally damaging smoke haze and greenhouse gas emissions. The Indonesian Government has identified peatland restoration as a high priority. They have established the Peatland Restoration Agency, which aims to restore two million hectares of degraded peatland by 2020. Australian soil scientists with considerable peatland expertise could make a valuable contribution to this work.
This Small Research Activity will ascertain the state of scientific knowledge of peatlands in Indonesia. It will explore potential partnership arrangements with the relevant government agencies and research institutions in Indonesia and Australia to identify the most pressing research questions and possible approaches to answer them.