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Water and Climate

Aquifer characterization, artificial recharge and reuse of suddenly available water in South Bihar

Project Code: WAC/2018/211
Research Program Manager: Dr. Robyn Johnston
Project Leader: Prabhakar Sharma - Nalanda University
FEB 2019
JUN 2020
Project Status: Legally Committed/Active


This is a pilot project in Nalanda district, focusing on a couple of villages, which could be widely promoted in the South Bihar region, should the study demonstrate the appropriateness of Bhungroo® technology in storing excess storm water in shallow aquifers and accessing it during dry seasons for irrigation of crops (and even supplementing drinking water, with additional safeguards).

Expected outcomes

  • Greater understanding of the rate of infiltration, quantity of storage/recovery and transmissivity processes of contamination associated with aquifer storage and recovery (ASR)
  • Assess the effectiveness of the Bhungroo® (as part of ASR) technologies for conjunctive use in the agriculture sector in South Bihar.
  • Deliver a comprehensive aquifer map for recharge and estimation of the potential injection of surface water into the selected aquifer.
  • Address the irrigation needs of an agrarian community but can also provide drinking water security with appropriate safeguards.
  • Provide a model for implementation, including awareness, local capacity and chain of facilities, in the form of a manual, to ensure sustainability of the technology and wider adoption in the region in areas with similar hydrological characteristics.