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Review of agricultural extension

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This report has been produced by RMIT as the outcome of a small research activity (SSs/2016/047) funded by ACIAR. The views expressed in this report are the author’s alone and are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government. The Australian Government neither endorses the views in this report, nor vouches for the accuracy or presentation of the information contained within the publication.

This project examines agricultural extension in the context of Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D).

The project aims to help researchers and research funding organisations like ACIAR increase the positive impact of their research by using the story of agricultural extension to highlight relevant aspects of the historical, socio-political, institutional and intellectual context in which they work.

To comment or supply feedback on this report, please Rebecca.Cotton [at] aciar.gov.au (email ACIAR’s Social Science Research Officer Rebecca Cotton).

See also Draft Discussion Paper ‘Enhancing positive impact in agricultural research for development: Rethinking the role of "Agricultural Extension" and research’.