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Wednesday 29 December 1993
This report by a consultant, Dr My-Yen Lam, identifies where development assistance agencies such
Sunday 4 July 1993
From 1984 to 1993 ACIAR funded a project in which Kenyan and Australian scientists sought ways to address the many problems encountered by farmers living in Kenya's semi-arid rural areas
Thursday 24 June 1993
Since the early 1970s the Indonesian government has had an active approach to agricultural policy, mainly to stimulate rice production in order to provide a stable base for the overall economy
Tuesday 22 June 1993
This publication follows in the steps of the successful Biological Control: Pacific Prospects and its supplements
Thursday 17 June 1993
The publication of Biological Control: Pacific Prospects in 1987 and supplement 1 in 1989 has generated a new drive for biological control in the south and west pacific
Wednesday 16 June 1993
Farming methods based on draught animals are among the most significant agricultural systems in the world. This manual contains a comprehensive account of the draught animal systems in representative...
Saturday 2 January 1993
The Chinese Government has placed a high priority on the development of the nation's raw wool industry
Thursday 31 December 1992
The analysis of electrophorectically detectable protein variation has revolutionised population genetics and allowed the extent and structure of genetic variation in natural populations to be...
Thursday 31 December 1992
OUT OF STOCK These proceedings are the result of research undertaken at giant clam hatcheries throughout the Pacific
Thursday 31 December 1992
OUT OF STOCK Joint research into bovine ephemeral fever involving China and Australia was instigated in response to a massive epidemic in 1983
Thursday 31 December 1992
Proceedings of An international workshop sponsored by ACIAR held at Bali, Indonesia, 10-13 August
Thursday 31 December 1992
Bacterial wilt is primarily of importance in the tropics and subtropics