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Friday 10 February 1989
This report contains details of two ACIAR projects: an agronomic project designed to study environmental constraints to increase productivity of rainfed rice-based farming systems in the lowlands and...
Friday 10 February 1989
This handbook described simple, reliable methods of measuring nitrogen fixation that have emerged from ACIAR-funded research
Thursday 9 February 1989
This book consists of a series of papers summarising attempts to exploit, evaluate and domesticate a wide range of lesser-known Australian tropical tree species. The book has been divided into four...
Wednesday 8 February 1989
In the mid 1980s the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) committed itself to a program of biological control of the aquatic weed Salvinia molesta in Sri Lanka. Salvinia...
Tuesday 7 February 1989
Information on the vanilla industry in the South Pacific has not been readily available, so this report was prepared to fill this information gap
Sunday 5 February 1989
The focus of this study is to provide a conceptual framework in which both technological and poli
Saturday 4 February 1989
With increasing demands for food to meet the growing population throughout Asia, increasing quantities of nitrogen fertilizer are being used, particularly urea. However, urea broadcast on rice...
Friday 6 January 1989
A three-part multilingual publication looking at fumigation for pest control.
Saturday 31 December 1988
OUT OF STOCK The estimated one billion draught animals throughout the developing world provide vital power, transport, milk, meat and security to millions of rural families
Saturday 31 December 1988
OUT OF STOCK These are the proceedings of a conference held to assess the need for economic research into increasing fisheries productivity for island nations in the South Pacific region
Thursday 21 April 1988
Giant clams have been over exploited throughout much of their geographic range, and in certain areas some species are now extinct
Monday 11 April 1988
This publication aims to enable non-scientists as well as scientists to appreciate the coconut crab as the valuable commodity, and that the work will stimulate everyone involved in the management of...