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Thursday 31 December 1987
These proceedings detail the findings of the ACIAR smallholder agriculture project which were presented at a workshop held in Tonga in May 1988
Monday 16 November 1987
Many of the scientific research papers published in the world literature are written by workers whose native language is not English.
Thursday 22 October 1987
Roots crops are a staple food throughout the world's tropical regions
Wednesday 21 October 1987
OUT OF PRINT Newcastle disease is the major virus disease of poultry in many countries of Southeast Asia
Tuesday 1 September 1987
In this study an economic surplus approach to the assessment of commodity and regional priorities for international support of agricultural research in developing countries is described and employed...
Wednesday 5 August 1987
Spoilage of grain by pests, high temperatures and/or humidity can be brought under control by the correct use of suitable grain protectants
Wednesday 13 May 1987
Report of a symposium held at Canberra, 14 May 1987
Thursday 12 February 1987
The prime objective of the ACIAR Grain Storage Research Program is to develop cost-effective meth
Wednesday 11 February 1987
The Policy Advisory Council of AClAR met in Apia, Western Samoa, on 17-21 June 1985. As part.
Monday 9 February 1987
The survey described in this report in selected Pacific countries was conducted by Mr Mike Foale
Saturday 31 January 1987
Proceedings of an international workshop held at the Forestry Training Centre, Gympie, Qld., Aust
Wednesday 14 January 1987
Grain sorghum is the staple food of lowland farmers in semi-arid tropical areas of Africa and Asia, but crop yields are commonly less than 30% of those in developed countries