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Australia has a strong interest in ensuring Sri Lanka can be a secure, stable and prosperous partner of Australia in the Indian Ocean region.

ACIAR had a broad collaborative research program with Sri Lanka from 1980 to the early 2000s, which covered fisheries, agriculture policy, forestry, animal health and crops. In 2016, Australia’s Commission for International Agricultural Research requested an assessment of re-establishing a collaborative research program with Sri Lanka. Two projects are active in Sri Lanka in 2023–24 but the recent economic and political environment has limited opportunities for further re-engagement.

The research program addresses our high-level objectives, as outlined in the ACIAR 10-Year Strategy 2018–2027, as well as specific issues and opportunities identified by ACIAR and our partner organisations.

Two ACIAR-supported projects are active in Sri Lanka during 2023–24.

Current and proposed projects in Sri Lanka, 2023–24

ProgramProject title & codeCountry
 Developing food loss reduction pathways through smart business practices in mango and tomato value chains in Pakistan and Sri Lanka CS/2020/193Pakistan, Sri Lanka
 Improved productivity, efficiency and sustainability of the culture-based fishery for finfish and giant freshwater prawn in Sri Lankan reservoirs FIS/2020/193Sri Lanka


Regional Manager, South Asia

Dr Pratibha Singh

Research Program Managers

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