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Unlocking economic opportunities for farmers

The Agribusiness Program focuses on research and adoption of innovations to improve business outcomes for smallholder farmers, their communities and their industries at all points along the agricultural, forestry and fisheries value chain. This includes input supply, production and harvest at the farm level, as well as post-harvest activities such as shipping, processing, packaging and marketing of farm products.

The program seeks to understand and identify skills and opportunities to help smallholders, communities and industries manage complex and interrelated factors, issues and tasks in the production chain to understand and link markets and adopt new enabling technologies. The program investigates the availability of finance for smallholders to participate in value chains, biosecurity, quality control and quality management of farm production, and compliance with market and government regulations. The program also works and co-invests with private firms to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of commercial agrifood chains that link smallholder farmers and their private sector partners to markets.

Successful Agribusiness projects catalyse innovation and adaptation throughout the agrifood chain; facilitate adoption and impact among participating smallholder households, their communities and their chain partners; empower participants to continue the learning process after the project has completed; leverage and source funds for further adoption and impact beyond participant communities and chains; and leave a legacy of ‘how to’ guides and recommendations to foster greater uptake of innovations and adaptations wider than the project participants and beyond the life of the project.

Active projects by region