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Improving livelihoods from productive aquatic farming systems and sustainable fisheries

The Fisheries Program brokers research partnerships to improve food security and fishers’ livelihoods through productive aquatic farming systems and sustainable wild-catch fisheries. It aims to improve human health and wellbeing by making food systems and policies more nutrition-sensitive.

The program focuses on small-scale artisanal fisheries and low-technology aquaculture methods, which include research on post-harvest processing and trade along the supply chain. It also invests in research initiatives to tackle ‘big challenges’ and emerging needs for our partner countries.  

The program strives to improve sustainability of fish resources—providing economic and social benefits—by helping researchers develop new technologies and policy recommendations to support artisanal fishery communities and national fisheries sectors in their countries.

Another objective is to improve gender equality, empowerment and household income for women through research on small businesses and collective enterprises. It also works to strengthen the capacity of fisheries researchers and fisheries managers through better knowledge of practice-based education and training.

Active projects by region