ACIAR in the Indo-Pacific

Previous Bilateral and regional research

Through longstanding partnerships with many countries in the Indo-Pacific region, ACIAR supports collaborative research on productivity, resilience, sustainability and equity in agriculture, forestry and fisheries systems to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods.

This work is dominated by bilateral and regional research projects underpinned by longstanding country partnerships. During 2021–22, 178 projects will be active in our operational area. These projects are collaborations between Australian and international scientists with in-country partners, and brokered by ACIAR research program managers, across 10 areas of research.

The projects are varied in design, execution and outcomes. Very broadly, projects range from research or investigations conducted by a group of partners across a number of field sites over several years to develop new knowledge, technology or methodology, through to small research activities where an individual agency or specialist may conduct a desktop or scoping study over 12 months.

When establishing research projects, our research program managers work closely with the ACIAR Country Network to ensure that the research aligns with in-country priorities, and to build connections and relationships with in-country organisations and institutions.

This chapter describes our research collaborations with each region and country in 2020–21. Our work is organised in 4 regions of operation in the Indo-Pacific, with 31 partner countries and guided by locally engaged staff in 10 Country Offices throughout the regions.

Within each region, we facilitate a varied program of research, reflecting the challenges and opportunities of a region and individual countries. In addition to bilateral and regional projects, we also conduct global research collaborations and scientific and policy capacity-building activities.

62 projects in Pacific, 79 projects in East & South-East Asia, 25 projects in South Asia, 22 projects in Eastern & Southern Africa

This data was compiled in June 2021 and may change during 2021–22. Some projects occur in more than one region, therefore the total of projects in each region will exceed the total number of individual projects as listed here.

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