CABI works in partnership with member countries, funders and partners to help farmers grow more and lose less, combat threats to agriculture and the environment and improve access to scientific information.

CABI addresses issues of global concern through science, information and communication, with a focus on international development and research, publishing and microbial services.

CABI works to:

  • improve global food security
  • combat threats from pests and diseases
  • protect biodiversity from invasive species
  • improve access to knowledge.

CABI improves lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

ACIAR and CABI partnership guides collaboration in fighting a range of crop pests and diseases which threaten global food security.

The partnership also funds:

  • Australia’s membership in CABI
  • CABI Development Fund
  • Plantwise.

Australia’s investment in CABI has contributed to improved agricultural outcomes for low and lower-middle-income countries and delivered benefits to Australian agriculture.

The CABI Development Fund invests in pilot projects to develop strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigations in smallholder agriculture.

Plantwise is a network of plant clinics that provide practical advice to farmers. It’s an award-winning global program, that aims to increase food security and improve rural livelihoods by helping farmers reduce crop losses due to pests and diseases.

ACIAR & CABI Partnership Report 2020
ACIAR & CABI Partnership Report 2019