Strategy Review 2022

7 members of the review panel

Chair of the Commission for International Agricultural Research (on screen left) with the members of the Review Panel L-R: Dr Samantha Grover, Professor Lindsay Falvey, Dr Wendy Craik, Dr Beth Woods, Sir Colin Tukuitonga (on screen right) and Dr Brian Keating.

In January 2022, the Commission for International Agricultural Research initiated a mid-term review of the ‘ACIAR 10-Year Strategy 2018–2027’.

The review was independently chaired by Dr Wendy Craik and supported by six external expert panel members. The panel considered 26 written submissions from ACIAR partners and stakeholders. The panel also conducted more than 120 face-to-face consultations with stakeholders, including some of those who provided written submissions.

In June 2022, the panel submitted its report to the Commission for International Agricultural Research. The report included 14 recommendations aimed at enhancing its implementation over the next five years.

The Commission for International Agricultural Research has accepted the report and endorsed the ACIAR response to the review’s recommendations.

As part of that response ACIAR have developed a revised, second edition of the ACIAR strategy. 

The full list of organisations who lodged submissions and those interviewed by the panel are included in the panel’s report. Submissions are available on request.

For enquiries please email: [email protected]