Strategy Review 2022

Ladies happily walking in a line carrying crop seedlings on their heads

In January 2022 the Commission for International Agricultural Research initiated a mid-term review of the ‘ACIAR 10-Year Strategy 2018 – 2027’.

With the strategy at its halfway point in 2022, it is timely to undertake a review of progress to reassess whether the strategy remains fit for purpose, especially given the significant change to the ACIAR operating environment due to COVID-19.

The review was independently chaired by Dr Wendy Craik and supported by six external panel members. Members of the review panel are:

  • Prof Lindsay Falvey
  • Dr Beth Woods
  • Dr Brian Keating
  • Dr Colin Tukuitonga
  • Dr Samantha Grover
  • Dr Carina Wyborn

The panel considered written submissions from ACIAR partners and stakeholders. Submissions were guided by the terms of reference and guidelines for writing a submission.

In March 2022, the review panel conducted face-to-face consultations with selected stakeholders, including some of those who have provided written submissions. The panel provided a written report to the  Commission for International Agricultural Research in June and will release a formal response after their August meeting. The report and submissions will be published to the ACIAR webpage after then.  

Enquiries and submissions to: [email protected]