ACIAR Learn is an online learning program that will advance the professional development of ACIAR-supported researchers and alumni from around the world. 


What is ACIAR Learn?

ACIAR Learn is an online learning program provided by ACIAR to strengthen the capacity of agricultural researchers in developing countries.

ACIAR is committed to building the skills and abilities of people in our partner countries to help drive sustainable development outcomes.

The program was first piloted in November 2021 before being rolled out in April 2022. Six months after launching, it has supported 119 learners, achieving a 95% satisfaction rate, and 74% completion rate across all its courses. See a list of our successful graduates here.


A microlearning approach to capacity building

ACIAR Learn is an innovative learning program that takes a new approach to capacity building. It is underpinned by two core principles:

  • Microlearning: Learning is done through dynamic bite-sized lessons that can be completed in 20 minutes or less.
  • Mobile-first: The program is easily accessed through mobile devices, meaning learning can be done anywhere.

Together, these two principles mean that researchers can learn anywhere, at any time, at their own pace. Online learning is complemented by live interactive sessions where participants can meet people in their field around the globe, have valuable discussions and make meaningful connections.


Who can access ACIAR Learn?

ACIAR-funded researchers

ACIAR Learn is available to selected agricultural researchers in ACIAR partner countries who are working on ACIAR-funded projects.

Both early career and senior ACIAR-funded researchers can be selected to access ACIAR Learn.

ACIAR Alumni

ACIAR Learn is offering a range of online courses designed specifically for the alumni for ACIAR-funded fellowships and scholarships. Find out more about the alumni program and how to enrol here.


Who's behind ACIAR Learn? 

ACIAR Learn is being designed, developed and delivered through a partnership between ACIAR, The University of Queensland and Catalpa International.

The project is being led by The University of Queensland—a global leader of teaching in agriculture and delivering customised short-training programs in international development.

Catalpa is leading the development of the learning technology. Catalpa uses human-centred design to support learners and the technology/content development process.


Find out more about ACIAR Learn

The ACIAR Learn team will keep the research community informed when opportunities to use ACIAR Learn are available.

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