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ACIAR produces a diverse range of publications to capture and share the results and experience gained through our research partnerships. Our latest publications are featured here. Limited hard copies are available for select publications.

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book cover showing images within two rows of hexagons

Improving livelihoods in conflict-vulnerable areas

28 June 2021

This book is the culmination of nearly eight years of work to develop and validate the only agricultural extension model in the Philippines that has been specially developed for conflict-vulnerable areas.

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cover of the book showing four women sowing seeds, with one of the women holding a baby in a sling

Lessons and way forward to support the development of African farming and food systems

11 May 2021

For almost a decade, ACIAR brokered and invested in an ambitious, multidisciplinary applied research program in eastern and southern Africa. The program was called Sustainable intensification of maize–legume cropping systems for food security in eastern and southern Africa or SIMLESA for short. This book is a comprehensive and authoritative synthesis of selected results and lessons, reflecting the hard work and lessons learned by more than 60 African and 15 international and Australian scientists. 

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Mungbean production guide for Cambodian conditions

11 March 2021

Mungbean presents smallholder farmers in Cambodia with an opportunity to diversify crop production in traditional rice production systems. The crop has a number of agronomic benefits and meets growing global demand for beans for sprouting, cooking and processing. This guide is based on knowledge and outputs of ACIAR-supported mungbean research carried out in Cambodia over 18 years.

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