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ACIAR produces a diverse range of publications to capture and share the results and experience gained through our research partnerships. Our latest publications are featured here. Limited hard copies are available for select publications.

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ACIAR in the Pacific 2022-23

In 2022-23 ACIAR is investing more than AUD$18million in agricultural research and partnerships across 9 countries in the Pacific region.
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An evaluation of the ACIAR Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development Program

Outcomes of TADEP and lessons that can inform the design and implementation of future ACIAR programs.
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Strengthening the Fiji papaya industry through applied research and information dissemination

This impact assessment reviews the outcomes and impacts of a project focused on strengthening the Fijian papaya industry, within the broader development goal of improving the livelihoods of rural people in Viti Levu. The project was found to have delivered benefits to both the Fijian and Australian papaya industries.
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Agricultural research on integrated rice–shrimp and mangrove–shrimp farming systems in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

This report assesses the impact of 2 rice–shrimp farming projects and a mangrove forestry project in the Mekong Delta that were supported by ACIAR from the mid-1990s. These projects aimed to investigate and support the ongoing sustainability and profitability of non-monoculture shrimp farming systems in the Mekong Delta.
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An evaluation of fruit and vegetable market development research in north-western Vietnam

An outcome evaluation of several integrated agribusiness projects in Vietnam that were designed to improve vegetable production for women and ethnic minority smallholder farmers in Sơn La and Lào Cai provinces and to improve their access to fruit and vegetable markets.
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Building global sustainability through local self-reliance: Lessons from landcare

ACIAR is proud to partner with Global Landcare to publish this book, in which researchers and practitioners from 11 countries share their expertise and experience of landcare around the world.