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ACIAR produces a diverse range of publications to capture and share the results and experience gained through our research partnerships. Our latest publications are featured here. Limited hard copies are available for select publications.

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Technologies for giant grouper aquaculture

ACIAR-funded of research of hybrid grouper in Vietnam increased profitability and options for farmers.
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Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing in Indonesia

ACIAR-supported research generated data and knowledge that contributed to new policies and regulatory frameworks.
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Area-wide management of fruit fly

A guide to the implementation of an area-wide management system for fruit fly in mango.
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Assessing the research to policy interface in Laos

ACIAR-funded research on fish passages, forest plantations and groundwater irrigation contributed to significant policy and development outcomes.
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Evaluation of village-based livestock biosecurity in Laos and Cambodia

Six livestock disease management projects were evaluated for their contribution to positive biosecurity, health and reproduction outcomes.
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Vulnerability in the Anthropocene: a prospective analysis of the need for social protection

This report is a technical economic analysis of potential underlying drivers of acute vulnerability to shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and explores why particular groups are more vulnerable to these shocks than others.