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Developing more productive, profitable and sustainable livestock systems

The Livestock Systems Program brokers research partnerships to develop more productive, profitable and sustainable livestock systems for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.

The program takes a holistic view of livestock systems, looking at animal health and production technologies within the broader sociocultural, gender, policy and economic contexts. Animal welfare and gender-sensitive approaches are central themes.

The program has three key focal areas:

  • Addressing the climate/livestock space. There is an urgent need to consolidate existing evidence demonstrating the greenhouse-gas emissions reductions that occur with more efficient, climate-smart livestock production systems. 
  • Trade and market access. Research into transitioning from low-input to market-oriented livestock systems through a ‘whole-of-system’ approach that focuses on livestock production and biosecurity improvements. 
  • The role of animal-sourced foods in nutrition and food security. Understanding and enhancing animal-sourced food, particularly for women and children, is a key focus in environments more prone to food insecurity or malnutrition.

Active projects by region