Project tools

This page contains a list of tools, guidelines, and templates for use by commissioned organisations and their project teams.

Logo guidelines

Research proposal capacity building guidance

One of ACIAR’s overarching development objectives is ‘Building scientific and policy capability within our partner countries’. Many ACIAR projects include elements of research capacity building.

The ACIAR Research Proposal Capacity Building Toolkit (PDF) was developed to support ACIAR project leaders and project team members, to plan capacity building during project development. It aligns to ACIARs new Project Performance Monitoring Plans guidance, reporting and review templates.

ACIAR Research Proposal Capacity Building Toolkit
Research proposal gender guidelines

ACIAR is committed to tackling gender inequality in research design, delivery and impact.

ACIAR Research Proposal Gender Guidelines are designed to assist researchers to ensure proposals present aims, objectives, research activities, methods, capacity building activities and outputs that can effectively address women’s empowerment and gendered social relations.

Annual and Final Reports

Annual reports are due by 14 July. These reports are internal documents only.

Final Reports cover the entire project period and should be a stand-alone document covering the project’s total outputs and outcomes. Final Reports will be made available on the ACIAR website.

Annual and final reports - templates and guidelines

Standard Contract Conditions and Intellectual Property Policy

ACIAR has developed the Standard Conditions which are the foundation of agreements for the research partnerships it facilitates.

Standard Contract Conditions for project agreements and Intellectual Property Policy

Project Acquittals

Commissioned organisations are required to provide ACIAR with a written acquittal for each payment period, no later than 30 days after the expiration of each Payment Period.

The ACIAR payment periods are: 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 December.

Completed acquittals should be sent via email to [email protected]

Project Acquittals - templates and instructions for acquittals

Project Travel

It is a contractual requirement that all personnel travelling on an ACIAR-funded project submit a completed Travel Advice Note (TAN) prior to travel, and a trip report once the travel is complete.

You will need the relevant ACIAR project or contract number and a copy of your itinerary to complete this form (e.g.: SMCN/2015/134 or for contracts enter the contract number):

Please complete your TAN through the online form:

Travel Advice Note online form