Project Reports Archive

Read about the objectives and methodology, achievements against activities and outputs, and key results of  research funded under our programs.

ADP/2007/044 - Scoping study on impacts and policy implication of plausible futures for Indonesia and Australia
ADP/2001/066 - Strengthening market information activities in Vietnam
ADP/2002/021 - Sustainable land-use change in the north-western provinces of China
ADP/2002/047 - Trade liberalisation, agriculture and land degradation in Fiji: implications for sustainable development policies
ADP/2003/060 - Implementation of rodent management in intensive irrigated rice-production systems in Indonesia and Vietnam
ADP/2004/045 - Exploring alternative futures for agricultural knowledge, science and technology (AKST)
ADP/2007/055 - Improving the efficiency of land-use change in China
ADP/2007/062 - Facilitating efficient agricultural markets in India: an assessment of competition and regulatory reform requirements
ADP/2008/005 - Viability of alternative frameworks for agricultural trade negotiations
ADP/2009/002 - Climate change and agriculture
ADP/2014/011 - Contributing to Indonesia’s Sustainable Agricultural Research Strategy
ADP/2015/004 - Farmers’ capabilities, productivity and profitability: A case study of smallholders in selected agro zones in Pakistan
AGB/2005/167 – Optimising the productivity of the potato/brassica cropping system in Central and West Java and potato/brassica/allium system in South Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara
AGB/2010/018 - The effect of research on agricultural productivity in Indonesia
AH/1994/038 - Improved diagnostic and control methodologies for two major livestock diseases in Lao PDR and Yunnan province, China
AH/1997/058 - Increasing the productivity of cattle in India and Australia with rumen fungal treatments
AH/1998/054 - Poverty alleviation and food security through improving the sweetpotatopig systems in Papua, Indonesia
AH/2000/083 - Development of a vaccine for the control of Gumboro in village and small poultry holdings in Indonesia
AH/2001/054 - The identification of constraints and possible remedies to livestock production by zoonotic diseases in the South Pacific
AH/2002/038 - Improved productivity, profitability and sustainability of sheep production in Maharashtra, India, through genetically enhanced prolificacy, growth and parasite resistance
AH/2002/042 - Control of Newcastle disease and identification of major constraints in village chicken production systems in Myanmar
AH/2002/099 - Development of a model for the control of fasciolosis in cattle and buffaloes in Cambodia
AH/2003/001 - Management of classical swine fever and foot and mouth disease at the village level in Lao PDR
AH/2004/032 - Identification of policy responses to minimise negative socioeconomic impacts of an avian influenza epidemic in Indonesia
AH/2004/040 - The epidemiology, pathogenesis and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in ducks in Indonesia and Vietnam
AH/2004/046 - Forage legumes for supplementing village pigs in Lao PDR
AH/2004/074 - Large-scale production of a vaccine and diagnostic reagents for Jembrana disease in Indonesia
AH/2005/107 - Food safety research in Indonesia: a scoping study and ACIAR’s response
AH/2006/025 – Understanding livestock movement and the risk of spread of transboundary animal diseases
AH/2006/038 - Feeding papaya fruits and betel nuts to reduce parasite burdens and increase growth rate in pigs
AH/2006/050 - Control and characterisation of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) strains in poultry in Indonesia
AH/2006/077 - Identifying research priorities for development of the beef industry in Cambodia and Lao PDR with special reference to animal health interventions
AH/2006/155 - Vaccine business development in the Lao PDR
AH/2006/161 - Management of pig-associated zoonoses in Lao PDR
AH/2006/164 - Future directions for animal health services in Indonesia
AH/2006/169 – Cost effective biosecurity for NICPS operations in Indonesia
AH/2007/106 – Improvement and Sustainability of Sweetpotato-Pig Production Systems to Support Livelihoods in Highland Papua and West Papua, Indonesia
AH/2008/037 - Potential economic impacts of the Varroa bee mite on the pollination of major crops in Papua New Guinea
AH/2009/022 – Improved investigation, diagnosis and technical support for the control of respiratory diseases of pigs in the Philippines and Australia
AH/2012/067 – Enhancing transboundary livestock disease risk management in Lao PDR
ASEM/2000/109 - Farming systems research for crop diversification in Cambodia and Australia
ASEM/2001/016 - Microbial contaminants associated with sago processing and storage in Papua New Guinea
ASEM/2001/037 - Improving the marketing system for fresh produce of the highlands of PNG
ASEM/2002/014 - Improving productivity and the participation of youth and women in the Papua New Guinea cocoa, coconut and oil palm industries
ASEM/2002/050 - Economic performance and management of the Gulf of Papua prawn fishery
ASEM/2002/051 - Sustaining landcare systems in the Philippines and Australia
ASEM/2003/012 - Improving the marketing system for maize and soybeans in Cambodia
ASEM/2003/015 - Enhancing Papua New Guinea smallholder cocoa production through greater adoption of disease control practices
ASEM/2003/052 - Improving financial returns to smallholder tree farmers in the Philippines
ASEM/2004/011 - Evaluating domestic tuna fisheries projects
ASEM/2004/047 - Sustainable management of coffee green scales in Papua New Guinea
ASEM/2005/062 - The Vegetable Industry in the Philippines
ASEM/2005/094 - Improving the profitability of village broiler production in PNG
ASEM/2006/023 - Re-commercialisation of the pyrethrum industry in PNG and improving harvested yields in Australia
ASEM/2006/033 - Coordination of coffee project suite in Papua New Guinea
ASEM/2006/035 - Improving marketing efficiency, postharvest management and value addition of sweetpotato in Papua New Guinea
ASEM/2006/059 - Community Agricultural Technology Program (CATP)
ASEM/2006/091 - Enhancing tree seedling supply via economic and policy changes in the Philippines nursery sector
ASEM/2006/130 - Enhancing production and marketing of maize and soybean in north-western Cambodia and production of summer crops in north-eastern Australia
ASEM/2008/034 - Socioeconomic impact assessment of cocoa pod borer in East New Britain province, Papua New Guinea
ASEM/2009/042 - Improving women’s business acumen in PNG: working with women smallholders in horticulture
ASEM/2009/055 - Facilitating livelihood adaptation to natural resource pressures in Lao PDR
ASEM/2010/051 - Coffee green scales in Papua New Guinea: highland arabica coffee and yield loss
ASEM/2010/059 - Change and adaptation in smallholder fisheries livelihoods in Lao PDR
ASEM/2011/009 - Defining intervention points for improving Lao extension
ASEM/2011/075 - Enhancing district delivery and management of agriculture extension in Lao PDR
ASEM/2012/046 - Market diversification and sweetpotato processing in Papua New Guinea: a pre-feasibility study
ASEM/2014/008 - Pilot - A business approach to product and market development for processed sweetpotato products in Papua New Guinea
ASEM/2014/009 – Smallholder perspectives and decisions about technology adoption in agro-ecological zones and farming systems of Cambodia
ASEM/2014/102 - Critical Factors for Self-Sustaining Farmer Organizations in Northern Laos
C2010/159 - Australia–Laos Timber Chain of Custody Capacity Building Project
C2011/230 - Exploration of teak agroforestry systems in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
C2014/1285 - Science, culture and community-based environmental governance: a pilot study of Palau
CIM/1999/062 - Improving the quality of pearl millet residues for livestock
CIM/1999/064 - Lentil and Lathyrus in the cropping systems of Nepal: improving crop establishment and yield of relay and post rice sown pulses in the terai and mid-hills
CIM/1999/072 - Oilseed brassica improvement in China, India and Australia
CIM/1999/094 - Improving the productivity and sustainability of rainfed farming systems for the western loess plateau of Gansu province, China
CIM/2001/026 - Drying systems to improve grain quality in north-east India
CIM/2002/106 - Fertilisation-independent formation of embryo, endosperm and pericarp for apomictic hybrid rice
CIM/2003/014 - Seeds of Life 2
CIM/2003/030 - Improving understanding and management of rice pathogens in Cambodia
CIM/2003/067 - Ensuring productivity and food security through sustainable control of wheat yellow rust in Asia
CIM/2006/094 - Enhancing farm profitability in north-western India and South Australia by improving grain quality of wheat
CIM/2008/027 - Development of conservation cropping systems in the drylands of northern Iraq
CIM/2015/010 - Weedy Rice in the Philippines and Vietnam
CIM/2016/034 - Response to Wheat Blast in Bangladesh
CP/2006/084 - Targeting crop protection R&D towards social change amongst ethnic minority communities in central Vietnam
CP/2006/113 - Scoping study to investigate the role of women in the safe production, promotion and utilisation of indigenous vegetables
CP/2007/002 - Establishment of fruit fly pest-free areas
CSE/2006/040 - Diversification and intensification of rainfed lowland cropping systems in Cambodia
CSE/2007/027 - Development of conservation farming implements for two-wheel tractors (power tillers) in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Bangladesh
CSE/2009/005 - Improved rice germplasm for Cambodia and Australia
CSE/2009/037 - Improved rice establishment and productivity in Cambodia and Australia (Mekong - South Asia Food Security Research program: component 2)
CSE/2009/043 - Enhancing food security in eastern Africa
CSE/2010/027 - Developing a regional conservation agriculture hub for northern Africa: scoping study assessment
CSE/2011/036 - Improving productivity in farming systems of the Nile Delta
FIS/1992/017 - Genetic and morphological relationships of mud crabs, genus Scylla, from throughout the Indo- Pacific
FIS/2001/034 - Inland pond aquaculture in Papua New Guinea: assessment of the industry and evaluation of smallholder research and development needs
FIS/2002/077 - Improved hatchery and grow-out technology for marine finfish aquaculture in the Asia–Pacific region
FIS/2003/051 - Improving sustainability and profitability of village sea cucumber fisheries in Solomon Islands
FIS/2004/065 - Promising indigenous fish species and bioremediation for barramundi aquaculture in northern Australia
FIS/2005/108 - Freshwater prawn aquaculture in the Pacific region: improving culture stock quality and nutrition in Fiji
FIS/2005/169 – Improving productivity and profitability of smallholder shrimp aquaculture and related agribusinesses in Indonesia
FIS/2006/138 - Developing aquaculture-based livelihoods in the Pacific islands region and tropical Australia
FIS/2006/140 - Achieving consistent spawning of captive yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) broodstock at Gondol Research Institute for Mariculture, Bali, Indonesia
FIS/2006/142 - Developing new assessment and policy frameworks for Indonesia’s marine fisheries, including the control and management of Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing
FIS/2006/144 - Strengthening regional mechanisms to maximise benefits to smallholder shrimp farmer groups adopting better management practices
FIS/2006/172 - Development of winged oyster pearl industry in Tonga
FIS/2007/045 - Evaluation of production technology, product quality and market potential for the development of bivalve mollusc aquaculture in the Philippines
FIS/2007/076 and FIS/2006/183 - Development of fish passage criteria for floodplain species of central Laos
FIS/2007/116 - Improving resilience and adaptive capacity of fisheries-dependent communities in Solomon Islands
FIS/2009/027 - Training in soil assessment and scientific writing for aquaculture officers in Papua New Guinea
FIS/2009/033 – Preliminary assessment of the handline (banca) fisheries in the Philippines
FIS/2010/031 - Fish supply and demand in the lower Mekong basin with special reference to Cambodia
FIS/2009/035 - Determinants for WSD outbreaks in Indonesian smallholder shrimp ponds – a pilot study of locality factors, WSSV genotype distributions and pond factors
FIS/2010/035 - Symposium on tropical sea cucumber aquaculture symposium in the Asia–Pacific region
FIS/2011/030 – Strategic plan for ACIAR engagement in developing Indonesia's capture fisheries research and management capacity
FIS/2010/056 - Scaling-out community-based marine resource governance in Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Vanuatu
FIS/2011/031 - Coral Reef Restoration using Mass Coral Larval Reseeding
FIS/2011/071 - Scoping potential livelihood benefits and costs of sport fisheries in Papua New Guinea
FIS/2011/008 - Development of Land-based Lobster Production Systems in Vietnam and Australia
FST/2005/089 – Improved silvicultural management of Endospermum medullosum (whitewood) for enhanced plantation forestry outcomes in Vanuatu
FST/2006/088 – Promoting diverse fuelwood production systems in Papua New Guinea
FST/2006/120 – Increasing downstream value adding in PNG's forest and wood products industry
FST/2007/052 – Improving governance, policy and institutional arrangements to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD)
FST/2007/078 – Development of a PNG timber industry based on community-based planted forests: design and implementation of a national germplasm delivery system
FST/2007/119 – Mahogany and teak furniture: action research to improve value chain efficiency and enhance livelihoods
FST/2007/020 – Improving silvicultural and economic outcomes for community timber plantations in Solomon Islands by interplanting with Flueggea flexuosa and other Pacific agroforestry species
PLIA/2006/012 – Cattle and buffalo in Cambodia and Laos: The economic and policy environment for smallholders
SMAR/2007/195 – Smallholder commercial pig production in East Nusa Tenggara: opportunities for better market integration (Bahasa)
SMAR/2007/196 – Market development for citrus from eastern Indonesia
SMAR/2007/219 – Identifying economic and social constraints for water management in vegetable production in East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara
SMAR/2007/219 – Identifying economic and social constraints for water management in vegetable production in East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara (Bahasa)
SMAR/2007/200 – Securing the profitability of the Toraja coffee industry
SMAR/2006/080 – Prospects for integrated timber-forage-livestock agroforestry systems for economic diversification in West Timor farming communities (Bahasa)
SMAR/2006/080 – Prospects for integrated timber-forage-livestock agroforestry systems for economic diversification in West Timor farming communities
SMAR/2007/042 – Vegetable value chains in Eastern Indonesia: a focus on chili
SMAR/2007/195 – Smallholder commercial pig production in East Nusa Tenggara: opportunities for better market integration
SMAR/2007/228 – Improving lobster grow-out and nutrition in West Nusa Tenggara-a feasibility study
SMAR/2007/225 – Assessing mariculture market constraints and potential in South-East Sulawesi: stakeholder engagement and situation analysis
SMAR/2007/228 – Improving lobster grow-out and nutrition in West Nusa Tenggara-a feasibility study (Bahasa)
SMAR/2007/229 – Options for teak industry development in south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia
SMAR/2007/197 – Scoping horticulture projects in eastern Indonesia: passionfruit, cashews and tropical tree crops
SMAR/2007/229 – Options for teak industry development in south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia (Bahasa)
SMAR/2007/197 – Scoping horticulture projects in eastern Indonesia: passionfruit, cashews and tropical tree crops (Bahasa)
FIS/2014/018 – Understanding Pearl Oyster Mortality in Fiji
FIS/2015/028 – Investigating the Long-line nursery system for Giant Clam farming in Savusavu Bay
FST/2011/028 – Biological control of eucalypt pests overseas and in Australia
FSC/2012/014 – Improving sustainable productivity in farming systems and enhanced livelihoods through adoption of evergreen agriculture in eastern Africa shortened as ‘Trees for food security’ project (T4FS)
FST/1995/000 – Manufacture of low-cost wood-cement composites in the Philippines using plantation-grown Australian tree species
FST/2001/021 – Improving the value chain for plantation-grown eucalypt-sawn wood in China, Vietnam and Australia: sawing and drying
FST/2003/048 – Management of fungal root rot in plantation acacias in Indonesia
FST/2004/009 – Facilitating the availability and use of improved germplasm for forestry and agroforestry in Papua New Guinea
FST/2004/050 – Value-adding to Papua New Guinea agroforestry systems
FST/2004/053 – Establishing pest detection systems in South Pacific countries and Australia
FST/2004/054 – Improving value and marketability of coconut wood
FST/2004/055 – Domestication and commercialisation of Canarium indicum in Papua New Guinea
FST/2004/057 – Enhancing on-farm incomes through improved silvicultural management of teak in Luang Prabang Province of Lao PDR
FST/2004/058 – Realising genetic gains in Indonesia and Australian plantations through water and nutrient management
FST/2005/049 – Mastotermes darwiniensis in the Lae area of PNG: an assessment of current and potential status of the incursion, and options for management
FST/2005/050 – The potential of incorporating high-value tree species in Papua New Guinea agroforestry systems to enhance landowner livelihoods
FST/2005/100 – Value-adding to Lao PDR plantation timber products
FST/2005/177 – Improving economic outcomes for smallholders growing teak in agroforestry systems in Indonesia
FST/2006/048 – Processing of Canarium project number indicum nuts: adapting and refining techniques to benefit farmers in the South Pacific
FST/2006/087 – Optimising silvicultural management and productivity of high-quality acacia plantations, especially for sawlogs
FST/2008/010 – Development and delivery of germplasm for sandalwood and whitewood in Vanuatu and northern Australia
FST/2008/030 – Overcoming constraints to community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia
FST/2011/058 – Facilitating the establishment of charcoal producer groups in Papua New Guinea
FST/2014/017 – Extending silvicultural knowledge on sawlog production from Acacia plantations
FST/2015/020 – Assessing genetic diversity of natural and hybrid populations of Santalum yasi in Fiji and Tonga
FST/2016/013 - Life history, identity and damage assessment of Galip weevil
FST/2009/051 – Increasing productivity and profitability of Indonesian smallholder plantations
HORT/2000/043 – Huanglongbing management for Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia
HORT/2000/043 – Huanglongbing management for Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia
HORT/2001/023 – Horticulture industry development for market-remote communities: Cape York and Samoa
HORT/2001/049 – Development of PRSV-P resistant papaya genotypes by introgression of genes from wild Carica species
HORT/2003/045 – Improvement of vegetable production and postharvest practices in Cambodia and Australia
HORT/2003/071 – Integrated pest management and supply chain improvement for mangoes in the Philippines and Australia
HORT/2004/048 – Integrated disease management (IDM) for anthracnose, Phytophthora blight, and whitefly-transmitted geminivirus in chili pepper in Indonesia
HORT/2005/136 – Mitigating the threat of banana Fusarium wilt: understanding the agroecological distribution of pathogenic forms and developing disease management strategies
HORT/2005/153 – Development of integrated crop management practices to increase sustainable yield and quality of mangoes in Pakistan and Australia
HORT/2006/006 – Development of an embryo culture manual and transplantation technique (English)
HORT/2006/006 – Development of an embryo culture manual and transplantation technique (Bahasa)
HORT/2006/006 – Development of an embryo culture manual and transplantation technique (Vietnamese)
HORT/2006/055 – Developing the ornamentals industry in the Pacific: an opportunity for income generation
HORT/2006/111 – Managing trade risks arising from the use of crop protection chemicals in mangoes in the Philippines
HORT/2006/108 – The potential for tropical fruits production in Tonga: a feasibility and constraints analysis
HORT/2006/147 – Integrated pest management of stem borers and insect vectors of viral diseases of sugarcane in Indonesia
HORT/2006/170 – Plant biosecurity: technological research and training for improved pest diagnostics in Thailand and Australia
HORT/2007/210 and HORT/2007/032 – Detection surveys for mango seed and pulp weevils in Sarangani, Davao del Sur and Samal Island, Mindanao, Philippines
HORT/2008/041 – Area-wide management of pest fruit flies in an Indonesian mango production system
HORT/2010/030 – Samal Island Mango Growers Association (SIMAGA) mango study tour 2010
HORT/2014/100 – Linking smallholders to markets: pilot study on developing value chains for conserving local biodiversity and improving diets
IAP/2011/070 – Innovations in the assessment of the impacts of NRM and policy research in development programs
LPS/1999/036 – Developing profitable beef business systems for previously disadvantaged farmers in South Africa
LPS/2002/078 – Improved beef production in central Vietnam
LPS/2002/079 – Utilisation of local ingredients in commercial pig feeds
LPS/2002/081 – Development of emerging farmer and crop-livestock systems in northern South Africa
LPS/2002/104 – Increasing milk production from cattle in Tibet
LPS/2003/054 – Feeding village poultry in Solomon Islands
LPS/2004/005 – Improving smallholder crop-livestock systems in eastern Indonesia
LPS/2004/022 – Pasture development for community livestock production in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa
LPS/2004/023 – Strategies to increase growth of weaned Bali calves
LPS/2006/003 – Integrating forage legumes into the maize cropping systems of West Timor
LPS/2006/005 – Evaluating strategies to improve calf survival in West Timor villages
LPS/2006/119 – Integrated crop and dairy systems in Tibet Autonomous Region, PR China
LPS/2006/149 – Using local feeds to reduce the cost of pig and poultry production in Tonga
LPS/2008/038 – Improving the reproductive performance of cows and performance of fattening cattle in low input systems of Indonesia and northern Australia
LPS/2014/034 – Economic analysis of cattle fattening systems based on forage tree legume diets in Eastern Indonesia
LWR/2000/089 – Permanent beds for irrigated rice-wheat and alternative cropping systems in north-west India and south-east Australia
LWR/2001/014 – Improving water resource management in India's agriculture: search for effective institutional arrangements and policy frameworks
LWR/2002/032 – Integrated manure nutrient management in soybean-wheat cropping systems on Vertisols in Madhya Pradesh and Queensland
LWR/2002/100 – Water harvesting and better cropping systems for smallholders of the East India Plateau
LWR/2003/039 – Improving the management of water and nitrogen fertiliser for agricultural profitability, water quality and reduced nitrous oxide emissions in China and Australia
LWR/2004/035 – Technology for direct drilling into rice and other heavy stubbles in Pakistan and Australia
LWR/2005/042 – Scoping study to assess the technical and economic feasibility of wheat production in southern Bangladesh
LWR/2005/059 – Modelling water and solute processes and scenarios for optimisation of permanent raised bed systems
LWR/2005/146 – Expanding the area for Rabi-season cropping in southern Bangladesh
LWR/2006/072 – Impacts of meso-scale Watershed Development (WSD) in Andhra Pradesh and their implications for designing and implementing improved WSD policies and programs
LWR/2006/076 – Agricultural water-use efficiency in north-west China (Mandarin)
LWR/2006/158 – Enhancing institutional performance in watershed management in Andhra Pradesh, India
LWR/2007/212 – Opportunities to improve land and water management practices in Bhutan
LWR/2007/113 – Impacts of Climate Change and Watershed Development on Whole-of-Basin Agricultural Water Security in the Krishna and Murray-Darling Basins
LWR/2008/015 – Developing research options to mainstream climate adaptation into farming systems in Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and India
LWR/2008/019 – Final Report for LWR/2008/019: Developing multi-scale adaptation strategies for farming communities in Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, India
LWR/2009/046 – Improved irrigation water management to increase rice productivity in Cambodia
LWR/2010/033 – Developing capacity in cropping systems modelling to promote food security and the sustainable use of water resources in South Asia (The SAARC-Australia Project)
LWR/2011/018 – Egypt-Australia on-farm water use efficiency and water management workshops
LWR/2011/066 – Scoping study to assess constraints and opportunities for future research into intensification of cropping systems in southern Bangladesh
PC/2010/038 – Identifying pilot sites and research methods for soil health research in the Pacific region
PC/2010/063 – Feasibility study on increasing the consumption of nutritionally rich leafy vegetables by Indigenous communities in Samoa, Solomon Islands and northern Australia
PLIA/2000/039 – Impact of migration and off-farm employment on roles of women and appropriate technologies in Asian and Australian mixed farming systems
PLIA/2000/165 – Facilitating farmer uptake of ACIAR project results: World Vision collaborative program
PLIA/2002/103 – Enhancing project impact and science capability through ongoing evaluation
PLIA/2005/148 – Papua New Guinea coffee and cocoa policy linkages
PLIA/2005/150 – Impacts of the policy and institutional environment on ACIAR research in the South Pacific
PLIA/2005/151 – Philippines policy linkages scoping study
PLIA/2006/136 – Economic and policy constraints affecting the development of small-scale dairy farmers in Pakistan
PLIA/2006/151 – Establishment of beef industries in additional red soils provinces in China
PLIA/2006/180 – Happy Seeder policy linkage scoping study
PLIA/2007/019 – A review of the future prospects for the world coconut industry and past research in coconut production and product
PLIA/2007/050 – Policy, institutional and economic constraints to aquaculture research adoption in Vietnam
SMAR/2005/074 – Improving cocoa production through farmer involvement in demonstration trials of potentially superior and pest/disease resistant genotypes and integrated management practices
SMAR-2006-061 – Building capacity in the knowledge & adoption of Bali cattle improvement technology in South Sulawesi
SMAR-2006-096 – Scaling up herd management strategies in crop-livestock systems in Lombok
SMAR/2007/013 – Opportunities to use cocoa pods and forages to address feed gaps during the dry season in Southeast Sulawesi
SMAR/2007/201 – Improving goat production in integrated estate cropping systems in South Sulawesi
SMCN/2000/046 – Overcoming magnesium deficiency in oil palm crops on volcanic ash soils of Papua New Guinea
SMCN/2002/015 – Managing groundwater access in the central highlands, Vietnam
SMCN/2002/033 – Seasonal climate forecasting for better irrigation system management in Lombok, Indonesia
SMCN/2003/006 – Enhancing agricultural production in the Philippines by sustainable use of shallow groundwater
SMCN/2003/011 – Herbicide use strategies and weed management options in Filipino and Australian cropping
SMCN/2004/041 – Productivity and marketing enhancement for peanut in Papua New Guinea and Australia
SMCN/2004/069 – Minimising agricultural pollution to enhance water quality in Laguna de Bay (Philippines) and Mt Lofty Ranges (Australia)
SMCN/2004/078 – Evaluation and adoption of improved farming practices on soil and water resources, Bohol Island, Philippines
SMCN/2005/075 – Integrated soil and crop management for rehabilitation of vegetable production in the tsunami-affected areas of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province, Indonesia
SMCN/2006/013 – Increasing food security and farmer livelihoods through enhanced legume cultivation in the central dry zone of Burma
SMCN/2009/021 – Climate change affecting land use in the Mekong Delta: Adaptation of rice-based cropping systems (CLUES)
SMCN/2010/084 – Scoping study to assess needs and options to redevelop NAFRI’s analytical laboratory

Economic Evaluations

Economic Evaluation - Economic Impact of Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases to Livestock in Africa, Asia and Australia
Economic Evaluation - ACIAR economic impact model for use in project development (ex-ante) and completed project (or ex-post) evaluations: a user's manual
Economic Evaluation - An assessment of the success and impact of ACIAR projects based on independent reviews of 111 ACIAR projects
Economic Evaluation - An overview of ACIAR's economic evaluation activities with a forestry program focus
Economic Evaluation for Project 95125 - Project development assessment: an economic evaluation of the potential benefits of integrating apomixis into hybrid rice
Economic Evaluation - An assessment of ACIAR-funded IARC special and restricted grants project
Economic Evaluation - Integration of research evaluation analysis into research institution decision-making: An overview of progress at ACIAR
Economic Evalutation - An overview of ACIAR's economic evaluation activities with an animal sciences program focus
Economic Evaluation for Project 9206 - Project development assessment: genetic identification and stock improvement of tilapia in Malaysia and Fiji
Economic Evaluation for Project 8319 8355 8356 8844 9313 9105 - An economic evaluation of postharvest tropical fruit research: some preliminary results
Economic Evaluation for Project 8911 - Project development assessment: mineral elements limiting sheep production in China
Economic Evaluation for Project 91033 - Evaluation of postharvest research: results for an application to tropical fruit research projects and some further methodologic
Economic Evaluation for Project 8806 - Estimating the social cost of the impacts of fungi and aflatoxins
Economic Evaluation for Project 9046 - Inclusion of environmental and human health impacts in agricultural research evaluations: review and some recent evaluations
Economic Evaluation for Project 9317 - Project development assessment: the application of plant tissue culture techniques to the propagation and breeding of tea in Indonesia
Economic Evaluation for Project 9406 - Incorporating atmospheric environmental degradation in research evaluation of options for the replacement of methyl bromide
Economic Evaluation for Projects 8326 8735 - Dry land farming in the semi-arid tropics of Kenya: ACIAR project experience
Economic Evaluation for Project 9407 - Project development assessment: pineapple quality improvement
Economic Evaluation for Projects 8320 8331 8808 8809 8357 - Overcoming the shortage of fuelwood and poles through forestry research: estimate of benefits from three completed ACIAR forestry projects in Africa and Thailand
Economic Evaluation for Projects 8303 9047 9118 - Estimates of realised and potential impacts of three ACIAR projects on the ecology, epidemiology and control of ticks and tick-based diseases in sub-Saharan Africa
Economic Evaluation for Project 9422 - Project development assessment: profilic worm-resistant meat sheep for Maharashtra, India and Australia
Economic Evaluation for Projects 8340 8339 8722 9319 8802-A 9308 8802-C 9111 8802-E CS2-92828 8802-D 8569 8718 8802-B
Economic Evaluation - Evaluation of The Crawford Fund Master Classes in Biotechnology
Economic Evaluation for Project 95125 - Project development assessment: an economic evaluation of the potential benefits of integrating apomixis into hybrid rice
Economic Evaluation - A global agro-climatic analysis of the distribution and production of livestock commodities