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Scientific support to establish, manage and sustainably use forests

The Forestry Program contributes to conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources to establish, manage and sustainably use forests. This provides social, economic and environmental benefits to partner countries and Australia.

The program provides scientific support to understand the role of forestry and its potential to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their communities. It focuses on aspects of forestry value chains that have good economic potential and benefits for communities.

Specifically, the forestry program aims to:

  • improve livelihoods of smallholders and communities by enhancing sustainable land and forest management
  • foster economic growth through legal, sustainable and value-adding forest industries in developing countries
  • contribute to the Australian Government's international forest policy priorities, combating illegal logging and reducing deforestation.

Areas of focus include development of silvicultural systems, forest restoration, improved germplasm, harvesting and processing approaches, and the management of threats.