GRA brings together leading scientists, researchers and policymakers to share knowledge and improve agricultural productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The GRA was launched in December 2009. There are 66 member countries from all regions of the world and membership continues to grow. 

GRA brings countries together to find ways to grow more food without growing greenhouse gas emissions across four research groups:

  • livestock
  • paddy rice
  • croplands
  • integrative research.

Australia supports the priorities of the GRA and is involved in a range of activities.

Australia is represented on the GRA by ACIAR, as:

  • a founding member of the GRA
  • former Chair of the GRA Council
  • a research contributor to several Research Groups, including the IRG.

ACIAR works with several Australian and international research agencies to develop technologies and farming systems that deliver meaningful emissions reductions while increasing productivity and building capacity in our region.

Under ACIAR’s leadership, Australia is working to increase the Pacific’s involvement and presence on the GRA and building partnerships to grow climate change action around the world.

Australia was the host of the March 2021 annual GRA Council meeting. Watch selected highlights from the 2021 meeting.

GRA Council Meeting Highlights

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