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The History of Capacity Building

Ten years after the establishment of ACIAR in 1982, the Capacity Building Program saw its beginnings.

The John Allwright Fellowship was established in collaboration with AIDAB/AUSAID in 1986. The Fellowship’s objective was to enhance the capacity of ACIAR regional research partners through postgraduate studies at Australian tertiary institutions.

Since then, multiple reviews of the Capacity Building Program’s growing list of activities and their long-term benefits in partner countries have seen the steady expansion of the official Capacity Building Program.

Today, the ACIAR Capacity Building Program includes the John Allwright Fellowship, the John Dillion Fellowship, the ACIAR-USP (University of the South Pacific) Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme and the Meryl Williams Fellowship. Since its inception, the ACIAR Capacity Building Programs have also focused on and achieved gender parity in their scholarship program numbers.

The Capacity Building Theory of Change

The Capacity Building Program theory of change is shown below as a sequence, where inputs and activities generate capabilities and outputs.

These deliver direct outcomes, which contribute to significant indirect outcomes. Within the theory, there are interconnections that are important in its success. 

Ultimately, the Capacity Building Program outcomes aim to contribute to the overarching objectives of ACIAR.

Capacity Building Theory of Change
Capacity Building Theory of Change


Capacity Building reports
ACIAR Capacity Building Program: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework

The Capacity Building Program consists of several initiatives supporting capacity development in partner countries. This Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework provides a structured approach to collecting, analysing and using data about the progress, performance and results of activities within the Capacity Building Program.

External Review of the ACIAR-USP Postgraduate Scholarship Program Phase 2 (2015-2019) & the USC-USP Twinning Scheme (2016-2020)

The ACIAR-USP Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme is a capacity-building partnership between ACIAR and the University of the South Pacific.
This document contains two reviews of the program, one conducted in 2013 and a follow-up in 2018 and concludes with an executive summary and recommendations.

Recommendations for ACIAR’s approach to Institutional Strengthening

This is the final of 3 reports on ACIAR institutional strengthening projects. This document summarises the first 2 reports and looks more closely at the role of ACIAR in aligning institutional strengthening with the ACIAR mandate and how to assess outcomes and prioritise partners for specific programs.

Review of the John Dillon and Institutional John Dillon Fellowships

The John Dillon Fellowship supports the professional development of outstanding mid-senior agricultural scientists, economists and researchers. This review considers program success in achieving intended outcomes and their longevity.