Date released
11 May 2018

ACIAR’s Forestry Research Program is going for maximum exposure of its research, by publishing a set of ‘open access’ papers in the journal Australian Forestry.

The special issue gives free access to recent findings under eight ACIAR projects in the Pacific islands (in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu) and Asia (in Indonesia, Laos and Nepal).

The papers cover practical aspects of growth and management of trees and forests, policy issues, issues relating to value chains for products from trees and forests, and social aspects of agroforestry. The papers provide just a snapshot of ACIAR’s Forestry Program, which works in a total of 14 countries, in these two regions and also east Africa, and invests about $10 million annually.

As a ‘research for development’ agency, ACIAR strives to disseminate the results of its projects as widely as possible, to support their uptake and strengthen ultimate impact of its investments. The move towards supporting open access is in line with ACIAR’s thinking on free and fair knowledge sharing in pursuit of more productive and sustainable agricultural systems.

The eight papers cover the following areas:

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