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Strengthening food and nutrition security through family poultry and crop integration in Tanzania and Zambia

Project Code: FSC/2012/023
Research Program Manager: Dr. Anna Okello
Project Leader: Robyn Alders - University of Sydney
FEB 2014
MAR 2019
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Commission for Science and Technology
KYEEMA Foundation
Tanzanian Veterinary Laboratory Agency
Zambian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock


This project aimed to reduce childhood undernutrition by helping women to improve poultry and crop integration and efficiency.

Agricultural production has increased over the past two decades, but malnutrition rates in children have not diminished significantly in many developing countries. Nutritional insecurity can result in chronic undernutrition, which affects health, physical and cognitive development capacity in children, and productivity in adulthood.

Food security is crucial in Tanzania and Zambia where 42% and 45% of children under five years of age are undernourished. Sustainably addressing the nutrition component of food security in Tanzania and Zambia is critical.

Agricultural research has not reduced childhood nutrition, partly because of poor project design. Projects did not address whole value chains and policy issues.

Resources that women control are more likely to be used to educate and feed children. Improving women's production of family poultry and crops should improve children's overall nutritional status and health.