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Soil and Land Management

Diversification and intensification of rice-based systems in lower Myanmar

Project Code: SMCN/2011/046
Research Program Manager: Dr. Robert Edis
Project Leader: Grant Singleton - International Rice Research Institute
SEP 2012
DEC 2017
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Department of Agricultural Research
Department of Agriculture


This project researched cropping options to make rice-rice and rice-pulse cropping systems in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady delta (Ayeyarwady Region and Bago Region) more productive.

Rice is the most important agricultural commodity in Myanmar. Producing more rice and pulses in lower Myanmar through improved practices and reduced postharvest losses could alleviate poverty and malnutrition, and improve the livelihoods of the rural poor.

The project aimed to improve farmer profitability through developing best practices for rice production, including post-harvest management, and innovative approaches to make rice-pulse cropping systems more productive. The project emphasised gender positive training and outreach, and ecologically sustainable production.