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Water and Climate

Quantifying crop yield gaps across the IGP from new perspectives – production, farmer profit and sustainability of water use

Project Code: WAC/2018/169
Research Program Manager: Dr. Robyn Johnston
Project Leader: Donald Gaydon - CSIRO
FEB 2019
DEC 2019
Project Status: Legally Committed/Active


This project aims to quantify current yield gaps (physiological, economic, and sustainable-water) for major food crops at sentinel sites across the IGP, and make preliminary assessments on the effects of conservation agriculture-based system intensification (CASI) technologies, future climate scenarios, and some economic variables.

Expected outcomes

  • Determine the different crop yield gaps across the IGP, and gain greater understanding on how they are influenced by geography, resource dynamics (climate and water), economic settings, and future climate outlooks.
  • Facilitate a much broader analysis of the whole region in a subsequent project, bringing in the latest GIS, satellite and remote-sensing technologies, together with the latest economic and climate forecasts, to provide robust insights for regional policy-makers and other stakeholders.
  • Synchronise this work with the major international initiative - the Global Yield Gap Atlas (GYGA)