Enabling agricultural policies for benefitting smallholders in dairy, citrus and mango industries in Pakistan

close-up of a brown cow in a pasture with cows in the background
Project code
AUD 697,324
Project leader
Peter Sheehan - Victoria University
Commissioned organisation
Victoria University
NOV 2013
SEP 2016
Project status
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This project aimed to develop policies that benefit smallholders in the Punjab and Sindh provinces, Pakistan.

Broad-based and effectively implemented policies are needed to improve the livelihoods of Pakistan's 56 million+ smallholder farmers in dairy and livestock, mangoes and citrus.

This policy-focused project complemented social, technical and marketing research in the Australia-Pakistan Agriculture Sector Linkages Program. The research reviewed existing policies and identified constraints and opportunities. It also analysed the policy-making process in these provinces to identify departmental responsibilities and capacity gaps. It developed, evaluated and defined implementation paths for new enabling policies.

The project could improve both agencies' capacity and the livelihoods of Pakistan's smallholder farmers.

Key partners
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Department of Agriculture, Punjab
Department of Agriculture, Sindh
Department of Livestock and Dairy, Punjab
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Planning Commission
University of Agriculture