Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable-based farming systems in north-western Vietnam and Australia

close-up of a brown cow in a pasture with cows in the background
Project code
AUD 156,231
Project leader
Suzie Newman - Department of Primary Industries
Commissioned organisation
Department of Primary Industries, Australia
NOV 2012
SEP 2013
Project status
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The aim of this SRA bridging project was to develop background information and a proposal for a multi-program Agribusiness (AGB) and Soil Management Crop Nutrition (SMCN) project that will enhance the profitability and sustainability of vegetable-based farming systems in NW Vietnam.

  1. To undertake a preliminary market assessment of indigenous and conventional vegetables in Hanoi
  2. To characterise the key geographic, agronomic, socio-economic and market situation, issues, constraints and opportunities for vegetable-based farming systems in NW Vietnam
  3. To evaluate soil management and crop nutrition challenges and opportunities and develop a research strategy for increasing the productivity and sustainability of these farming systems
  4. To develop a complementary research program that addresses key NSW research priorities for leafy vegetables and provides research expertise and support to the Vietnamese component
  5. To develop a proposal aimed at enhancing the profitability and sustainability of vegetable-based farming systems in NW Vietnam

Project outcomes

AGB/2012/030 has enabled a comprehensive scoping study to be undertaken to develop AGB/2012/059 Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable farming systems.

The scoping study and recommendations have been incorporated into the design of AGB-2012-059. The bridging project AGB-2012-030 has provided the funds and resources to enable a full consultation process with Vietnamese project partners and enabled some scoping activities to be undertaken to improve the design of the phase 1 and phase 2 proposals. Similar initiatives should be considered by ACIAR to enable projects to develop sound and robust project documents.

Key partners
University of Queensland
Vietnam Women's Union
Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences