Research to support agricultural policy and strategic planning: Research to assist the Vietnam Government with the formulation of the 2021-2030 Agricultural Development Strategy for Vietnam

Project code
AUD 146,232
Project leader
Associate Professor Tiho Ancev, University of Sydney
Commissioned organisation
The University of Sydney
DEC 2019
NOV 2021
Project status
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This project aimed to promote the use of an evidence-based approach to strategic planning for the agricultural sector, leading to superior longer-term outcomes for Vietnamese agriculture.

Over the recent decades, Vietnamese agriculture has performed remarkably well and has has recorded growth rates of 3-4 percent per annum. Vietnamese agriculture has been striving to improve its creation of added value, and towards greater integration in international markets.

Significant changes within rural communities, driven by the movement of rural labour to urban areas in a quest for higher incomes, induces labour deficit in rural areas. These are further exacerbated by environmental and natural resource concerns and constraints, and by the impacts of climate change. There are also emerging opportunities that are likely to alter the structure of the sector in the near future.

This project is designed to support the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Vietnamese Government more broadly to set up an adequate framework for the Agricultural and Rural Development Strategy and to formulate concrete strategic directions for the sector.

Project Outcomes

  • Developing a vision for Vietnamese agriculture up to the year 2030.
  • Preparing a framework for strategic planning.
  • Developing strategic statements addressing key opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese agriculture over the next decade.
Key partners
University of Sydney (Research Portfolio)