Agriculture for Tourism: advancing a synergistic development pathway for both local agribusiness value chains and tourism in Bali, Indonesia

Food in Indonesia
Project code
AUD 238,200
Project leader
Jeremy Badgery-Parker, Primary Principles Pty Ltd
Commissioned organisation
Primary Principles Pty Ltd
NOV 2020
APR 2022
Project status
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This project aims to understand the disruptors and dynamics of agricultural production and its capacity in the province of Bali, within the context of the tourism and modern retail sectors being dominant and highly influential markets

Agriculture is both an important economic and social sector in Indonesia, comparable only with tourism. The rapid growth in tourism in Bali and its hunger for large quantities of safe, quality food created a critical mismatch with the capacity and capability of local agricultural production.

The importance and urgency to effectively manage the redevelopment of agribusiness and tourism in Bali generates a significant and timely opportunity to lay down the foundations for a redevelopment pathway that can enable the sustainable and resilient growth of the local agricultural sector.

By identifying the production needs and product specifications for the supply of local agricultural products for food service and tourism on the island of Bali, the project aims to determine the critical challenges and strategic leverage points that can address industry capacity and agricultural supply.

Project outcomes

  • Improved knowledge of the market demands and dynamics of agricultural products in the province of Bali and increased information on supply-demand patterns and changing product value arguments driven by tourism, accommodating both the current situation and a medium term outlook based on pre-COVID-19 market assessments.
  • Identified capacities and constraints for the supply of safe, quality and resilient locally produced key agricultural products in order to satisfy specifications and market demands of tourism and modern retail.
  • Prepared a strategic plan for developing local, collaborative agribusiness value chains.
Key partners
Primary Principles Pty Ltd