A new model for Vietnam’s economic growth in 2021-2030 and vision to 2050: Quantitative assessment

Agribusiness in Vietnam
Project code
AUD 35,419
Project leader
Associate Professor (Hoang) Long Chu, Crawford School of Public Policy
Commissioned organisation
Australian National University
JUN 2020
DEC 2020
Project status
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This project aimed to quantitatively evaluate the possible outcomes of applying a new economic growth model in Vietnam during the 2021-2030 decade with a vision towards 2050.

Rapid economic growth and escaping the middle-income trap are a top-priority objective of Vietnam. The country has adopted a ‘dual economy’ model where some geographical regions and economic sectors have been prioritized, and they can have a higher level of development compared to the rest of the economy.

Even though the model showed some initial success, it has also caused significant issues including uneven socio-economic developments and social welfare gaps.

To address this challenge, the Central Ideology Theoretical Council has been assigned responsibility for a new economic growth ideology model for Vietnam in the 2021-2030 decade, of which this project is playing a part in. Therefore ultimately helping Vietnam successfully escape the middle-income trap and complete its industrialization and urbanization process.

Project outcomes

  • Addressed questions from a development policy perspective (including modelling structure and necessary input database) based on a quantitative framework.
  • Delivered a report on research methodology and results.
  • Provided a presentation on research methodology and results.
Key partners
Crawford School of Public policy, The Australian National University