Defining priority commercialisation pathways, and potential private commercialisation partners for viable long-term commercialisation of products emerging from FST/2019/128

coconut tree
Project code
AUD 162,000
Research program manager
Mr Howard Hall
Project leader
Ian Buck
Commissioned organisation
Buck Advisory
FEB 2022
SEP 2022
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to research and address the issue of sustainable commercial supply of coconut veneer plywood sheets and / or other product formats to specific end use (consumer and/or industrial) markets.

The project will run in parallel and in partnership with the FST/2019/128 project team. FST/2019/128 will primarily focus of technical and social elements of forming a new coconut engineered wood products industry. Project AGB/2021/172 will inject critical assessment and develop strategies for commercial stakeholder engagement, private sector alignment, thinking and potential investment and enable market access.  

Project outcomes

  • Delivering a framework for undertaking this type of research as part of ACIAR funded research projects, and which will be applicable to other projects where understanding the business operating environment and the early engagement of suitably qualified private sector project partners are important for maximising the adoption and uptake of project lessons and outcomes.
  • Building capacity and confidence of in-country personnel in designing and undertaking important research into the commercial or real-world environments in which ACIAR projects and their participants and team members are active.
  • Interacting and collecting data and information from people and organisations in the commercial sector is materially different to undertaking biophysical and socio-economic research in a project environment.
  • Facilitating and mentoring the transitioning of partnership relationships with recommended private project partners back into the larger project FST/2019/128.
Map of the Pacific showing Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu