Livestock Systems

Best practice health and husbandry of cattle, Cambodia

Project code
AUD 964,513
Research program manager
Dr Anna Okello
Project leader
Peter Andrew Andrew - University of Sydney
Commissioned organisation
The University of Sydney
JUN 2007
DEC 2012
Project status
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Village producers own the majority of large ruminant livestock in Cambodia, and up to 25% of cattle are currently exported.

However production income is limited by common diseases such as haemorrhagic septicaemia, foot-and-mouth disease, blackleg and parasites plus poor nutritional, breeding and general husbandry and livestock management practices.

There was an opportunity to increase cattle production and address rural poverty.

This project aimed to improve profitability of large ruminant production by smallholders. Working at six project sites consisting of three sets of 'matched' villages, the project team compared the effects of introducing a 'best practice' health and production package.

Key partners
Agricultural Extension Department
Charles Sturt University
Department of Animal Health and Production
International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Royal Academy of Cambodia
Tristan Jubb Veterinary Consulting