Livestock Systems

Assessment of zoonotic diseases in Indonesia

Project code
AUD 111,975
Project leader
Nigel Perkins
Commissioned organisation
Murdoch University
JAN 2007
JUN 2007
Project status
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This project aimed to collect data and information on zoonotic diseases in Indonesia with a focus on diseases that have measurable impact on livestock production and human health.

The project results intended to inform prioritisation and design of future efforts to assist Indonesia in control and prevention of zoonotic diseases. Limited data were available for analysis to aid in identifying priorities and constraints and effort was also directed towards accessing expert opinion and discussion on issues wherever possible.

Project outcomes

  • Identified what zoonotic diseases are present in Indonesia, their geographic distribution within the country and assessed the quality of the information on which these judgments are made.
  • Estimated the relative importance of these diseases based on prevalence / incidence data available for animals and humans, the degree of trade disruption, economic impact and degree of threat to Australia.
  • Identified knowledge gaps and opportunities for research to address these gaps for the most important of the diseases identified.
  • Assessed institutional capacity to conduct research and identification of policy or regulatory constraints for effective management of the disease.
Key partners
National Committee on Bird Flu Control and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Murdoch University
University of New England
Australian National University
AusVet Animal Health Services
Disease Investigation Center Region VI
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