Social Systems

Investigating the potential of international landcare

Line drawing of chicken people and plants representing Social Systems program
Project code
AUD 250,000
Project leader
Dr Mary Johnson, RMIT University
Commissioned organisation
RMIT University
JUN 2018
DEC 2019
Project status
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This project aimed to study the landcare approach across six countries to determine how sustainable agricultural land management contributes to food security and poverty reduction; better management of natural resources and climate; gender equity and empowerment of women and girls; as well as post-disaster management and recovery, and social cohesion.

This project undertook a study of the landcare approach across six countries (Fiji, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa and Sri Lanka)  to determine how sustainable agricultural land management mobilised through landcare contributes to development outcomes.

Furthermore the study examined whether there are research questions to be answered in the context of agricultural research for development (R4D) and if so, whether these can be addressed in a stand-alone project or better conceptualised over a greater time horizon as a series of projects. Thus, the study findings will produce an evidence base for ACIAR to assess the role of landcare for future agicultural R4D and more broadly as an extension model in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

Project Outcomes

  • Defined the principles of community development models operating.
  • Defined the landcare process that has occurred.
  • Analysed pre-adoption conditions and the modalities and triggers to adopt a landcare process, including how the landcare process was implemented.
  • Assessed the contribution of a landcare process to the achievement of the intended sustainable resource management outcomes.
  • Defined the circumstances (modalities) in which a landcare approach may be replicated.