Optimisation of the single drop genomics assay to detect food pathogens

different grains in different sized bags and barrels
Project code
AUD 173,455
Research program manager
Dr Eric Huttner
Project leader
Jimmy Botella - University of Queensland
Commissioned organisation
The University of Queensland
JUN 2014
MAY 2015
Project status
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This SRA aimed to optimise Single-Drop Genomics (SDG) technology to detect food borne pathogens.

Nucleic acid point-of-care (POC) bioassays that can be performed on-site with minimal equipment, rapidly and at low cost are in high demand. Agriculture is one area that can benefit from the use of low cost on-site assays.

This project is also listed as HORT/2014/027.


On-site, quick and low-cost pathogen detection is the holy grail of disease diagnostics. Our research team has developed a comprehensive, field-ready technology for on-site pathogenic nucleic acid detection named Single-Drop Genomics (SDG).  SDG combines a simple yet accurate on-site sampling process with a robust isothermal amplification and a novel naked-eye evaluation providing Yes/No results.

In this project we have optimised the SDG technology to detect food borne pathogens. We have also performed extensive consultations with multiple stakeholders in Cambodia and Laos PDR about the possible applications of the technology in both countries. SDG has been identified by local officials as being a potential ‘game changer’ capable of delivering strong benefits for different agricultural sectors. 

Key partners
Cambodia Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Department of Primary Industries
National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute
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